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Le Domaine de Salvert

Situated on the banks of the river Layon, in the heart of the Anjou wine country, the Domaine covers over 30 hectares of chalky clay soil. Various varieties of grape are carefully and sensitively cultivated to produce wine maturing in the hundred-year-old cellars, we invite you to discover these wines on the pages of this site, and then we trust on your tables.

Practical information with regard to cultivation follows.

After removing old vines the soil is worked upon for a number of years, this allows time for any viral diseases and their carriers to be eliminated, also organic compost can be added to the soil. Otherwise spring herbicides are only applied to the areas below the rows. The rows themselves are either grassed or raked, dependent upon the vigour of the vine. Every three years the sub-soil is de-compacted to allow the natural microbes to do their work.

This working of the soil cuts the highest roots of the vine forcing it to deepen its root system. There is a double benefit from this operation : this encourages a stronger local tang of the soil in the wine as a result of the grape drawing up sustenance from deep underground, and also the vine resists heat much better to combat our hotter summers by having a deeper root system.